Case studies and testimonies

John Lau Owner of Wing Hung Gruop .

Biggest B2B wedding photobook Printing Manufacturer In HongKong and China

WingHung Group is one of  the largest wedding photobook manufacturer in China. We have 2 Indigo 12000 , 6 indigo 7800. We process more than 10000 orders per day, each order can be more than 10 items , each item can be 300MB -  500MB. we used to spend 10 people to handle the jobs,  such as PDF conversion, Trim line added, connect to ERP to retrieve production info. after deployed DMS Tflow, we just need two people to monitor the job status and handle the outstanding issues. I like the DMS load balancing feature, in one production site, we deployed 20 agents to handle the file conversion from JPG to PDF, if finished within one hour. I like this solution because DMS Tflow team can adapt the workflow according to our requirement rather than use a pre-defined workflow.


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Rainny , Manager Director of ODOP (one day one picture)

B2C Photobook brand owner ,Shanghai ,China

We are focusing on B2C market. the B2C business  have to run online 7x24 hours, without an automation workflow, we have to handle the order manually, most of the jobs is short run, and the end user would place order anywhere anytime, I can't hire a staff sitting in front of the computer to handle the job and do ERP data entry.  DMS Tflow gives me a full automation solution, from my Web to print online photo book to ERP production system now is fully automated, when my production staff goes to work at the 9:00 AM,  he just needs to click "print" then the jobs is printed. All the Trim Marks, production information are ready on the margin, data is synchronized into ERP system.   I am happy with the T-Flow automation. 

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Hu Ye , Magaing Director of YinYide Grapic Art Printing

One of the largest digital printers in China

We have branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, orders come from W2P system, retails stores, Walk-in Customers. We have indigos, Ricoh, Canon printers. we want a pre-press automation workflow to streamline all my branches, all my orders from different sources.  With the help of Tflow, I setup different workflow for walk-in customers, B2B customers, Online Web to  Print system. All my needs just are handled on one Tflow system.

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