Reference case:WingHung Photobook Automation Workflow

User story


WingHung Group is one of the largest wedding photobook manufacturer in China. WingHung has 2 Indigo 12000,  6 indigo 7800. Per day process more than 10000 orders. It used to spend 10 people to handle the jobs,  such as PDF conversion, Trim line added, connect to ERP to retrieve production info.

After deployed DMS Tflow, it just needs two people to monitor the job status and handle the outstanding issues. 



  • Thousands of JPG file come from customer upload every  day  have to convert all the JPG files to PDF, the workflow must be high performance 

  •  High pixel image, 200 MB ~ 500MB per JPG

  • Retrieve  order and job ticket from ERP system

  • Delivery time is short 

  • Multiproduction site management




  • Load Balancing agents for JPG to PDF files , can handle thousands of jobs at the same time

  • Bi-way communication with ERP system

  • Enterprise-level Color preflight engine, Automatically check color ICC

  • Multiproduction site job redirection  control by Cloud center