Case Study

Automation benefit 

TFlow : Automation Anytime Anywhere

All businesses of any significant size automate their information handling in automated way. Because the use of computers is now so common, many simple forms of office automation may be overlooked.Pre-press automation is the printing industry trends.

The major benefit of TFlow automation workflow:

  • Cost saving

       High-speed,stable,no training required, 7 x 24 hours of work​ and so on,TFlow offer greatly cost saving to your company.

  • No issue

       ​TFlow adopts “Dynamic Perception” technology to fix the issue before it happens. TFlow offers you thousands of preflight tools.

  • Business automation

       W2P, MIS or ERP are the most important systems in your company, but to aviod them being isolated, TFlow offers standard APIs to integrate with 3rd party systems, which will accomplish business automation perfectly.